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Experience A New Level of  Fit
Mind Body & Spirit 

Sound Bowl Therapy

Sound Bowl Therapy



Balance Exercise

Group Training Small Classes. Strengthen, tone and more. Reshape your body.

On Demand Anytime Fitness Class

Prerecorded fitness classes. A library of classes to fit every fitness level.

Virtual Live Class

This class is live virtual experience.

Mediation Sessions

Learn the art of mediation or experience guided mediation. Refocus, gain harmony..find balance

Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan and Nutrition Coaching available.Get the results you want and the wellness you deserve. Start a Meal Plan today

3D Body Composition Scan

3D Body Composition Scan. Ever wonder if the tape measure is lined up in the same place, or pulled the same tightness? We don't wonder - we know! We use use artificial intelligence to predict body fat directly from your waist, hip, and anthropometric measurements.

You’ve tried extreme diets, exercise programs, apps, and even gym memberships, but none of it ever seems to work. Don’t blame yourself. Scroll below to learn more about how I can help you get the fitness results you’re looking for.

Tomorrow is now Today! Is it time for a change? There is a level for you!



About Kita 

50-year-old Kita Richards not only has a passion for fitness but a desire to help others achieve life goals.  This Group trainer  author and life coach aids each client in the discovery of physical emotional and mental well-being. She is an advocate for self-care and believes everyone’s challenges/ obstacles can lead to great successes in all areas of life. Her approach is one rooted in appreciation of life experiences and true gratitude.  She helps you position yourself  mentally and physically for success. 

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