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6 Ways We Carry Body Fat, the Causes & the Solutions

We've all heard terms like "pear-shaped" and "hourglass figure," but did you know there are six distinct ways our bodies can accumulate excess fat, each with its own causes and solutions?

Of course, the general advice of maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and proper hydration applies to all, but let's delve into more specific details.

  1. Full Upper Body Fat: Excess fat in the upper body often results from consuming more calories than needed and leading a sedentary lifestyle. To monitor calorie intake, use tracking tools like MyFitnessPal, AppleWatch, or Fitbit or My app SherocksFit Combat this fat by incorporating 10 minutes of aerobic (cardio) exercise daily, 20 Minutes of resistance training and cutting down on sugar, especially in sugary drinks like sodas and Lemonade.

  2. Lower Belly Fat: Menopausal women commonly experience fat accumulation in the lower belly due to hormonal changes, stress, and anxiety. Prioritize mental health through activities like breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and therapy. If necessary, consider medication and remember there's no shame in seeking help. Book A relaxation Sound bowl class or Guided Mediation. Try our 5:40 pm Thursday evening or 8 am Friday Morning Stretch and Breath Class.

  3. Lower Body Fat - Pear Shaped: Women with a pear-shaped figure may find that fat distribution shifts during menopause, potentially due to gluten sensitivity. Try reducing or eliminating gluten from your diet with a gluten free diet and focus on exercises targeting the butt and legs.

  4. Swollen Stomach - Beer Belly: A beer belly, common in middle-aged men, can be an early sign of health issues like cardiovascular disease. Limit or quit alcohol consumption to address this concern.

  5. Lower Body - CANKLES: Cankles, characterized by swelling in the lower legs and ankles, may be hereditary or related to vascular problems. Improve circulation by moving regularly order a vibration platform, especially if you have a sedentary job. Hydrate well and reduce sodium intake, as found in fizzy drinks.

  1. Upper Back Fat: Often known as "back fat," this area can be influenced by overeating, inactivity, and sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can alter hormones, leading to increased appetite. Regular resistance training, proper sleep, adaptagen herbs such as ashwagandha can improve hormones.

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